Pets are not allowed on the farm for the safety of other guests and farm animals on the property. This includes but is not limited to dogs, cats, horses, skunks and pigs. Per ADA guidelines, ONLY service animals are allowed. This does NOT include emotional support/companion animals, animals in strollers, or being carried. Thank you for your cooperation. 



We welcome and decorate the farm each year to provide backdrops for your photography. Professional photographers must purchase a season pass (one time purchase) to be used as their location fee. Any support staff can purchase a season pass or a one time general admission. Photographers are not permitted to bring in stationary props, block the flow of traffic, or disrupt the workings of the farm. It is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure their clients know that they must pay admission to the farm regardless of the time of their session. All photography must be during our regular business hours as posted on our website and will follow any closings as needed for weather. 



Hand-sanitizing stations and hand-washing sinks are available and we always recommend washing hands after visiting the animals. Entering the animals enclosures is not allowed. 



For the safety of everyone, smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping) is prohibited throughout the farm


Limited basic assistance is offered as a convenience to our guests while on the farm. It is not intended to replace professional medical care. Personal medical devices such as inhalers and epi-pens are recommended to be on people (including within field trips) at all times, as there may be environmental triggers on the farm. These devices are not available from first aid. Incidents will be documented on an incident report, but that is NOT intended as any type of agreement between parties. 



Tate Farms constantly monitors local weather. Please be aware that there is not a safety shelter available to all guests at one time. If inclement weather is forecast, current guests will be advised to seek additional shelter elsewhere and the farm reserves the right to close as deemed necessary for safety. There is not a guarantee of refunds for rain. Paying admission to the farm with questionable weather is at your own risk. For safety reasons, some attractions on the farm may be forced to be closed for a period of time.     


Tate Farms is a part of a working row crop operation. Although the farm operation is separated from the pumpkin farm grounds, it is still on the same property. Please advise children to never approach working farm equipment and be cautious of the possibility of moving equipment through the farm.   


Tate Farms is a working row crop operation. We do our best to avoid soft grounds, but it is always a possibility. Please park carefully and follow parking flags and staff.    


The farm yard is cashless. This includes all concession, apple cannon, lemonade and funnel cake stands.

We accept Cash and credit cards at our admissions, produce pumpkin market, and store exclusively. We do not offer cash back nor do we have an ATM on the property.